Why Us?

It's simple really... we HELP you secure!

xavier d johnson

Our Founder and Principal Penetration Tester Xavier D. Johnson has over a decade of experience in technology, focusing on cloud security, penetration testing, threat analysis and red teaming. He is a cybersecurity instructor at the University of Michigan.

He is also the director of #MISEC, founding organizer of the DEFCON group in Detroit, and on the board of DPSCD: West Side Academy of IT and Cybersecurity.

The motivation for making this company was to change the perspective of “hackers/red teamers” in reality we need to shift the idea from the winning culture to the helpful culture.


Network Vulnerability Assessments


Network Penetration Testing


Web Application Penetration Testing


Cloud Configuration Benchmarking

Remote Network Pentesting

We work in a phased approach for penetration testing. We begin with scoping then move into the passive portion of the engagement, leading into the active portion and finally reporting. Our reports consist of the PoC code for exploits and remediation if possible.

Assume Breach Network Penetration Testing

From within your perimeter we test LAN attacks, all of the potential SaaS trust boundaries. Once on the network we test the ability to capture credentials on the wire, finding active directory misconfigurations and VLAN Hopping.

Detect and Correct

Defense in Depth means something different for each company. We help embed security into your organization at every level using our Tabletops, Network Architecture Reviews and vCISO engagements.