We don't only penetration test

We help you SECURE!

Vulnerability Assessments

We Help You Secure offers a Vulnerability Assessment is designed to quickly uncover the weaknesses of technical controls of IT assets that can be exploited by attackers in order to gain access to your environment. We will conduct security scans against your IT assets to build a baseline of their weaknesses, rate the severity of the discovered vulnerabilities, and make prioritized recommendations that will enable the Client to remediate and/or mitigate the risks.

Network Penetration Testing

We Help You Secure has a seasoned penetration testing team with background performing large-scale full-scope penetration testing and vulnerability assessments for a variety of clients across retail, financial and healthcare sectors. Employing our own suite of tools for performing penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and application security testing. These tools have been developed and selected as industry standard tools that our testers leverage when conducting penetration and security testing. We take care to acquire the latest exploitation methods to ensure that the results of each test are up-to-date and relevant.

Web Application Penetration Testing

We Help You Secure will conduct web application vulnerability testing on customer web-based applications. We will attempt to identify and exploit vulnerabilities and gain access to confidential system resources by simulating an actual cyber-attack, without damaging or disrupting production services.
Following the test, Enterprise Offensive Security will provide a report of results, describing any security vulnerabilities found and providing recommendations for remediation.
Our methodology will include testing for the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 most critical web application security vulnerabilities, SQL injection vulnerabilities and various client-side vulnerabilities via automated tools and manual methods.

Cloud Configuration Benchmarking

We Help You Secure will conduct security architecture and network infrastructure review of customer environments, networks, devices and platform specific objects in the cloud. Enterprise Offensive Security will review current documentation in order to become familiar with their current environment. Enterprise Offensive Security will use industry adopted best practices as a baseline standard to improve our customers current cloud architecture.