Higher Education

VPAT Consulting

Software Product Audit

For high-value projects, We Help You Secure can perform an accessibility software audit on a vendor’s software product–not just review the vendor-provided VPAT.  Our software audit team will test the software for compliance against required standards such as the WCAG 2.0/2.1 AA, Section 508, and other applicable standards.

Hardware Product Audit

We Help You Secure can perform an accessibility hardware audit on a vendor’s physical product. Our hardware audit team will test the software meets compliance with appropriate accessibility standards.

Procurement Support

Procurement teams dedicated to the acquisition of accessible Information and Communication Technology (ICT) / Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) and/or technology-based services, may be required to evaluate numerous Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPAT®) in the form of both VPAT® 2.1 responses and Accessibility Conformance Reports (ACR applicable to VPAT® 2.3). Evaluating these documents presents a challenge for purchasers. Purchasers must interpret the compliance documents and frequently seek clarification from vendors on their response.

Baseline VPAT/ACR Review

Our Baseline VPAT/ACR focuses on the accuracy of the VPAT/ACR response provided by the vendor to procurement.  Our team reviews the VPAT for compliance with WCAG and 508 standards.  As part of the review,We Help You Secure may contact the vendor to get clarification on issues of concern.   Our goal is to verify to the extent possible the accuracy of the vendor’s accessibility declaration and provide a report to your procurement group.

Baseline VPAT/ACR + Vendor Qualification Review

We Help You Secure can supplement the Baseline VPAT/ACR review, by gathering additional information from the vendor.We Help You Secure will work with your team to determine additional information that is needed from the vendor to attest to the accessibility of the vendor’s product.   For example, our team can review vendor-supplied accessibility audits from internal or third-party quality assurance (QA) testing.    We can also review the PDAA (Policy-Driven Adoption for Accessibility).  If needed we can produce a custom accessibility questionnaire for the vendor and help your purchasing team in interpreting the survey.


Risk Management


Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM)

We Help You Secure has a robust service that focuses exclusively on Third-Party Risk. Our platform includes the HECVAT Full and HECVAT Lite assessment forms, built in. Our TPRM Service is structured to include just the parts you need – TPRM Program development, the Vendor Risk Management (VRM) platform, Data Collection (asking Vendors to complete the HECVAT questionnaire), Vendor Assessment, Reporting and Continuous Monitoring.


Cyber Operations – MDR/MSOC

We Help You Secure MDR is designed to offer you the benefits of Managed Detect and Respond, and Managed SOC Services, plus Incident Response, Forensics and Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM). This includes:


  • Security Operations Centers (SOCs)
  • Managed Detect and Response (MDR)
  • Managed Risk Services
  • Managed Cloud Monitoring
  • Cyber Incident Response / Forensics / Table-Top
  • Risk-Based Vulnerability Management


Ransomware Response

Incident Response and EDR – Leverage best-in-class Malware software / tooling and even let us do the clean up for you! We can offer packages with just Malware removal tools and services or include this in our MDR/MSOC package with Incident Response / Remediation.


Cyber Insurance

We Help You Secure is excited to present a new, comprehensive, and competitive cyber insurance product. Everything is made to be simple and convenient, not just for the insured but for our brokers as well.