Continuous Security As A Service

Rather than handling your cyber security in house where you may have limited resources and expertise, Cyber Security as a Service is cybersecurity management outsourced. With cyber security being such a key component of running an effective business and yet a highly specialist discipline, many companies struggle to find the right staff to manage this area.

Our Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS) gives you total peace of mind, by outsourcing your cyber security to us you can focus on the other key areas in your business. We have decades of experience working with and looking after some of the country’s most important institutions and organizations including many government agencies, banks and law firms. Not only does our experience cover highly regulated and governed industries, we also work across verticals that rely on pace and manage large supply chains such as retail, manufacturing, property, construction and many more. We make sure our clients are safe, mitigating their risks when it comes to cyber security and providing absolute peace of mind and resilience.

Benefits of CSaaS:

  1. Three defined levels of service to fit your organizations size & needs
  2. Pay-as-you go service model – No huge upfront outlays
  3. Customizable package depending on priorities and changing business needs
  4. Free-up in house resource and leverage our specialist teams of cyber security experts.
  5. Avoid extensive recruitment costs employing full time cyber security staff and demonstrate greater returns on your cyber spend
  6. Drive strong business performance with increased reliability of core security functions
  7. Protect your assets, reputation and shareholder value
  8. Get accurate and comprehensive reports.